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This user manual provides information and guides about Coursy.


The user manual is divided into articles that can be accessed from the left side menu. At the bottom of the menu, is the search option which finds results in the language of the page (the language drop-down menu is in the top right corner).

We have also added a Setup checklist, which gives a quick overview of essential features in each article such as navigation and prerequisites for different processes.


  1. Introduction – general information, setup checklist and overview of the dashboard panels
  2. Managing company settings – here, you’ll find information and guides for everything that can be done from the Manage menu item (such as managing sites or the roles and rights of employees)
  3. Managing employees – adding/importing employees, sending account activation e-mails, managing employee groups (DRL: department-role-level)
  4. Managing surveys – information about creating survey groups, seeing survey group detail view, survey’s results etc.
  5. Managing training materials – all the information you need to create training materials, lessons, topics and quizzes
  6. Managing forms – information about everything you can do under Forms menu item (adding and managing forms, questions, question pools, meta fields etc.)
  7. Managing courses – information about adding courses, training fields and rooms as well as viewing/exporting reports of completed courses
  8. Planning courses – how to add training needs to employees and plan course occurrences
  9. Employee Portal – here, you’ll find an overview of how employees complete online trainings and tests, register to classroom s and what information they can access from the Employee Portal
  10. Notifications – this article lists all the notifications sent to employees and HR specialists


Coursy is a LMS (Learning Management System) built for companies to ease the process of training management. Coursy uses a training matrix that helps the HR specialist to prioritize which trainings need to be organized.

Coursy enables you to

  • get an overview of employees’ training needs
  • plan courses that consist of
    • online trainings
    • classroom trainings
    • tests
  • add your own study materials and quizzes
  • use the Employee Portal, where employees can
    • take online trainings and tests
    • get an overview of all active and completed courses
    • access study materials
    • register to classroom trainings
  • view reports and statistics about completed courses
  • manage multiple companies under one account
  • assign roles with different rights/privileges to users
  • conduct surveys and 360° feedback